Julissa Melendez-1

To whom it may concern,

My name is Julissa Melendez and am currently a senior. I have just been accepted to hold, the title of a Page at our state legislature. The given position of being a Page requires strong-willingness, integrity, and lots of determination. As well, self-envision. This opportunity checked off everything on my list. It was related and beneficial to my career, I would work alongside experts in the politics field, and most importantly the skills and connections I would build along the way. It is a Page’s duty to: set up/take down meetings for our senators, deliver messages, and run errands. Be on the sidelines of our senators. This honorable position, gives us Pages the inside look on how our laws are created, and how the voices of our community are heard. Granted or not, but heard. I believe, I will truly succeed at this position, and let it be beneficial to my political science destiny. Anyone can do this job, but to have the mentality and skills are a must. If one is to be in my shoes; I highly advise to build as much connections one can. To have self-trust, and accept help from others. I believe this experience will change my perspective on our community needs, as well. And let it be that just as much as others, I seek change too. I will proudly be a Hispanic representative of Wilder School District.

Thank you.

Julissa Melendez