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Welcome to Idaho Future Ready Academy for Virtual Learning. We provide parents and students a new option in education, that ensures kids the opportunity to focus on their growth and development.  Where they are not left behind or stuck based on a grade level.  Students growth and learning are the focus rather than the time in a seat or a grade level.

We partner with parents and families to create experiences for kids to be ready for their future.  We see the value of family time with kids and create flexibility of schedules that allows for both academic rigor and  family learning opportunities. Family time also becomes learning time and using family activities that supports learning goals becomes the norm.

We have had seven years of developing the mastery based model in our schools and have shown distinction in the benefits of our model. We are ready to offer this to more families throughout Idaho starting with those turning 8-12 years old. If you are interested please visit our website at https://www.wilderschools.org/... .