This week saw the launch of a new option for Idaho parents and students interested in mastery-based education. 

Idaho Future Ready Academy for Virtual Learning began on January 17. It was based on a successful approach to personalized learning pioneered in the Wilder School District.

“We saw a need to offer all Idaho students an online educational experience where their needs and their ownership are the priority,” said founding school principal John Carlisle. “Our rigorous academic and growth pathways are tailored for each student and focused on their outcomes.” 

Idaho Future Ready Academy for Virtual Learning is open to any Idaho family, especially those looking for flexibility, those frustrated with traditional schooling, and those who want learning to be truly personalized. 

Key elements include: 
- 24/7 access to accommodate student/parent schedules
- $1000 per semester to pay for school-related expenses
- Self-paced, independent education for every student
- Support, guidance, and mentorship from certified teachers
- Innovative, student-driven extracurricular opportunities 
- Authentic partnerships between parents and administrators
- Development of successful habits for virtual learning
- Utilization of the Wilder ‘learning how to learn’ model
- Helping families use school to learn and grow together 

Idaho Future Ready Academy for Virtual Learning is approved by the State of Idaho and is accepting new families now. Information about enrollment, the school, and our unique approach to virtual, personalized, mastery-based education can be found at www.wilderschools.org/ifra.