Frequently Asked Questions

If there is an answer you need feel free to reach out so we can add to our FAQ section.

1. What training opportunities are available for those new to mastery-based learning and all that goes with it? Are there PD learning days for teachers? Or opportunities for parents and students?

This is a main focus in what we want to provide, a strong background knowledge in personalized, mastery-based education.  Professional Development days along with parent university nights provides the training for this background knowledge.

2. Our learning management system (LMS)which is OTUS looks different than Accelerate, which will be used? Will there be any training on any new platforms for unfamiliar teachers/parents?

There will be training on Otus.  That is the LMS that the district uses.  Curriculum for now will be Freckle, but in development meeting,s this could change to best meet the needs of students. As things are built out it will become more familiar.

3. Which assessments will be used to identify learning levels? (Star for math? What will be the ELA level finder used by the district? Star Math and Reading will be used. If we move to a different curriculum these may change.

4. How will student learning groups be determined? Would it be based on grade level or ability level? If ability-grouped, what happens if some students function at higher levels in some subjects than in other subjects (e.g., math is higher than ELA level)?

Students will be grouped by cohort or age groups. No grade levels or separated by abilities only. This keeps the learning personalized and students are able to direct their own learning.

5. What would be the student-teacher ratio? 

Maximum capacity would be 1 teacher for 30 students.  Typical classes could range from 20-30 students in each class.

6. What might a typical day be structured like with multiple students with various skill levels and needs? 

The day would be scheduled with students coming in and out to seek help and have questions answered.

7. What support do families receive?

Families at Idaho Future Ready Academy are provided with lots of support from professional high-quality teachers and staff, access to learning resources and community events, as well as being reimbursed $500 each semester.

8. What grade levels will be included?

All grades k-12 will be included.

9. What would the IEP and/or 504 process and support look like with the possibility of many students having special needs? 

Special needs would continue to be provided once students enrolled in the school.  Possibilities of students coming in person for services. 504 meetings would be set and made throughout the year.

10. How are students supported?

Students are provided with a mentor that works directly with them and their parents to partner in the learning of their child to have mastery-based educational goals met. Report cards are reviewed frequently and adjustments are made based on the needs of the student and their individual learning plan.

11. Would teachers teach multiple cohorts of students at different age levels?

There are no grade levels so teachers could teach any age band which would create an effective learning cohort.