Idaho Future Ready Academy for Virtual Learning

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Idaho Future Ready Academy for Virtual Learning

Idaho Future Ready Academy for Virtual Learning starting January 17th.

Welcome to all those students of IFRA our new Virtual Learning Academy. It is my pleasure to start this grand adventure with you.

- John Carlisle, Idaho Future Ready Academy for Virtual Learning Principal.

Habits of mind

Habits of Mind

We are working on developing habits of mind, preparing students to learn how to learn. Our project of creating a quote book to publish will be under way January 17th through the end of the month.

Mastery Cycle

Mastery Cycle

Learning how to learn follows a cycle and mastery of learning is our cycle. Students follow this cycle in their learning of state standards to reach consistent and constant learning.


Mastery courses will be offered in English language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and the Habits of Mind.

Additionally students can select to add 2 more selections to level up in their future ready skills. These can include but not limited to World Travel, Karate, Gymnastics, Music, Drama, Cycling, Skating, Various Athletics, General Hobbies, and many other interests that students can pursue.


Parents will be allowed $1000 per semester for technology and activity reimbursements. Parents will need to fill out the reimbursement form and add receipts. These will be processed each month and a check will be issued from the district for approved costs.