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Golden Paw

The Golden Paw

Parents who attend and engage in 4 of our 5 Parent University Courses will be awarded the Golden Paw Award. This is given in recognition of the dedication, support, and growth in learning for those who complete these courses offered to parents to improve engagement and better support our students at school and at home.


Technology Safety

November 10th at Wilder Elementary we had our first introduction to the Parent University and had Officer Blanco teach about internet and phone safety.

  • Remember Idaho is a hands-free state so having a cell phone in your hand while driving is against the law.

  • Keep an eye on what your children are doing with their phones, have security filters on devices, and ways to monitor what is being done with electronics.

Parents Earning This Badge:

Christina Barron, Sandra Padilla, Maria Ponce, Kerissa Fuller, Emma Rae/ Jeffery Eells, Barbara Cortes, Jessica Zamora, Juanita Aguilera, Diana Valenzuela, Mayra Gutierrez, Emilia Llamas, Maria Leon, Onesimo Leon, Jenny Gonzalez, Ziola Aguilera, Mario Flores

Community Resources

Community Involvement

December 8th, the Idaho Community Council came and presented on connecting with resources in the community. Our school now has a community Liaison who can help navigate ways in which families can qualify and receive support as needed.

Parents Earning This Badge:

Janessa Morales, Maria Ponce, Diana Valenzuela, Alejandro Ponce, Nohemi Pena, Jessica Zamora, Yuki Longest, Ramon Valenzuela, Dulce Luna, Abel Ramirez, Myra Gutierrez, Guillermo Cortes, Barbara Cortes


Student Learning and Goals

January 12th at 5:30 pm in the High School, we have our Parent University course on Student Learning Plans and setting goals. This will help all parents understand the learning taking place and how to measure the learning of their students. Information from students will be given along with resources for parents to help set goals for their students.

Parent Handout English
Informacion para padres
SLP Goal Setting
Establecimiento de objetivos SLP

Talking about grades

Hablando De Grados

Parents Earning This Badge:

Flo Morales, Jamie Chavez, Diana Valenzuela, Ramon Valenzuela

Health Care

Access to Family Health Services

February 9th at 6:00 pm in the Elementary School, we have Casey Family Services presenting on the importance of good healthcare for families. They can provide resources, knowledge, and supports for families who need health services for their children and themselves.

My Life is Worth Living
Vale La Pena Vivir

Fostering Social and Emotional Learning
Fomentar el Aprendizaje Social y Emocional

Parent Guidance
Alex Boye Music Video

Parents Earning This Badge:

Maria Hurtado, Sonia Bravo, Yuki Longest, Zoila Aguilera, Maria Concepcion Ornelas

Higher Education

Higher Education/Advanced Opportunity

March 9th at 5:30 pm in the High School, we have a guest who works with students to access higher education fields and promote success. We will also talk about Advanced Opportunity funds for students and how they are used.

Advanced Opportunities Website
Advanced Opportunity Presentation

Parents Earning This Badge:

Maria Hurtado, Sonia Bravo, Yuki Longest, Maria Concepcion Ornelas, Celene Castellanos, Nadia Morales, Emilia Llamas, Guadalupe Tellez, Ramon Valenzuela, Diana Valenzuela, Benjamin Gomez, Marcelina Monter, Stephanie Monter, Javier Villegas, Delfini Chavez, Maria C. Ornelas Salazar, Maria Mendoza, Carol Ortiz, Kassandra Ortiz, Jolly Mendoza, Yuliza Mejia.



April 13th at 6:00 pm in the Elementary we will offer STEM activities and information from Idaho Public Television on education for young learners. Parents who have missed a course may also ask for handouts and write about what they learned to turn in during this session to earn their badges needed to earn the golden paw award.

Parents Earning This Badge:

Sonia Bravo, Yuki Longest, Maria Concepcion Ornelas, Diana Valenzuela, Benjamin Galvez, Brianna Patterson, Dominique Patterson, Jessica Sandoval, Lydia Salquedo, Maria Leon. Zoila Aguilera

Golden Paw

Parent Graduation

May 11th at 6:00 pm in the High School, we will recognize parents who have attended and earned the Golden Paw Award by completing 4 of the 5 courses. Graduates receive a certificate, Golden Paw pin, School Swag and are recognized on our Parent University webpage.

Graduates: Sonia Bravo, Yuki Longest, Maria Concepcion Ornelas, Diana Valenzuela, Ramon Valenzuela

Parents also celebrated: Zoila Aguilera and all parents were recognized with a celebration.

Appreciation goes to Casey Family Services, Wilder Wicap STEM program, and all those community partners who make this very successful for parents.